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Institution Management Principal Accountabilities

Council Secretary Principal Accountabilities

Council Secretary is the Principal Officer of the Council who’s main job objectives are as follows:

  • Oversees and coordinates effectively strategic management in order to align operations to the strategic direction of the Council.
  • Oversees and manages effectively the human resource management and development functions in order to optimize utilization of human resource and enhance staff performance.
  • Oversees timely the provision of legal, administrative and logistical support services in order to facilitate efficient and effective delivery of services.
  • Oversees the management of the public relations function to ensure effective communication of information between the council and the public.
  • Oversees efficiently the provision of public services in order to improve the well being of the community.
  • Oversees effectively the mobilization of financial and other resources in order to enhance smooth operations of the Council.

Oversees and manages effectively the implementation of performance management system in order to deliver quality services.