Kamamba Primary School in Kalundu ward of Shibuyunji District is among the Many beneficiaries of the Consistuency Development Fund. The government has constructed a 1×3 class room block, a staff house, ablution block and 150 desks have since been delivered at the School.

Mr. Kelvin Nawa, a Teacher at the School explained that learners used to sit on the floor which made writing difficult for the leaners at the school but since the coming of the desks there has been an improvement.

He also noted that there has been an increase in the school population from 320 to 445 school Enrolment after the completion of the 1×3 class room block which additionally has a strong room which the school hopes to use it to become an examination center next year .We are grateful to the government for addressing the issue of desks and the 1×3 class room block our leaners are now able to write neatly and have enough space he added.

Among the other schools which have received school desks are Chanshika Community School in Mutombe ward,which received 30 tables and chairs for Early Childhood Education,Mutombe Primary school received 36 tables and chairs and Kalundu Mutima Community School which received 30 chairs and tables.

The desk distribution exercise will soon commerce in Mwembezhi Zone.