A warm welcome to Shibuyunji Town Council website, a platform created to give you, our valued and esteemed public the opportunity to interact with us, as well as to ensure that information on services and opportunities available in Shibuyunji District is made available and easily accessible by you the general public.
Shibuyunji Town Council was established in 2013 after being formally designated as such by Statutory Instrument 49. Situated in the southern part of Central Province, it is one of the 11 councils that make up the province. Shibuyunji District is roughly 70 kilometers west of Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, and shares borders with six districts: Mumbwa District to the west, Chisamba and Chibombo District to the north, Mazabuka District to the south, and Kafue and Chilanga District to the East. Shibuyunji District lies between coordinates 25°15′ and 27°00′ south of the Greenwich Meridian and 27°49’60” east.
According to the Zambia Statistical Agency 2022 Preliminary report, the Population of the district stood at 97 047, (Zamstats, 2022). The Districts sex distribution is relatively balanced with about 49.94 Per cent of the population being Female while 50.06 Per cent are Males and is projected to grow at a growth rate of 4.7 per cent (census, 2022).
Shibuyunji District is divided into twelve (12) wards, including Kapyanga West, Kapyanga East, Mukulaikwa, Mutombe, Kalundu, Chikonka, Chabota, Nakaiba, Makombwe, Nampeya, Sala, and Nampundwe, and one constituency known as Mwembezhi. Thus, the Town Council is composed of thirteen (14) civic leaders: twelve (12) council members from the United Party for National Development (UPND), one elected Council Chairperson who provide Policy direction on all matters affecting the community in the district, and one elected Member of Parliament.
Shibuyunji council is a semi-autonomous institution operating as an agent of Central Government authorized to perform specific functions on behalf of Government. It is administered by the Council Secretary who is the principal officer and is assisted by a Management Team comprising of Chief Officers.
The District is equally administered by Central Government through the Officer of the District Commissioner which was established by the Government in 1999 as part of the decentralization process. The District Commissioner as a Government representative oversees government functions at the district level and coordinates all developmental activities through the heads of government departments in the district.
The District has 1 chiefdom namely Shakumbila Chiefdom under the leadership of Senior Chief Shakumbila of the Sala and Ila speaking people whose traditional ceremony is called Ikubi Lya Loongo and is celebrated in September. The chiefdom has 17 senior headmen about 190 village headmen and headwomen with a total number of 205 Villages.
The main drivers of the Shibuyunji district’s economy are agriculture, mining, tourism trade and commerce. The district is a major producer of crops such as maize, cotton, and okra. Vegetables are also widely grown and Lusaka offers a great market for the produce.