Consists of the principle officer who in this regard is the Council Secretary, as well as procurement and audit sections.

The role of planning department is to plan the overall layout of the district, upgrading of shanty areas to modern standards, setting up of township boundaries, coming up with standard building plans which have to be adopted by everyone building, land distribution, processing of title deeds, HIV/AIDS, gender and human rights sensitisation, and community development activities. Through the section of public health, ensure a clean, healthy and green environment.

The role of this department is to facilitate engineering services such as; feeder roads, borehole drilling, inspection of buildings, scrutinizing building plans to make sure it’s the required standard, providing burial site, fire brigade services, maintenance of plant and machinery,

Collection of revenue, preparation of statutory obligation, preparation of books of accounts.

Staff establishment, management of assets, records keeping, training and development, recruitment, staff appraisals, minutes and report writing, discipline, explanation of conditions of service to staff, Public relations services.